Terms and Conditions

The Contract

When We provide a quote that the client accepts, this forms the basis of the contract between Flexi Web Solutions and the client.

The Client

The client I am contracting with is the business or individual specified in the quote.

  • My quotation is valid for 30 days from the date of quotation.
  • My quotation is based on the information you have provided to me. If anything changes from what you have told me I may cancel the quotation and supply you with another one.
  • If I incur additional costs because of the changes you want, I may charge you for this at my standard hourly rate as detailed in the quotation.
Acceptance of Quote
Confirmation from the client that work should proceed by email or by letter, constitutes acceptance of the quote
Design and Development

You cannot expect me to do more than what I detail in the quotation. For example, if I say that I will submit to the Search Engines, I do not guarantee that your website will be in the top ten listings. Likewise, if I simply quote to develop a website without any marketing activities detailed, I do not guarantee that you will get new business.

  • I place a small link and/or graphic on your web pages back to my website.
  • I can use any ideas, designs or technology that I create that are not specifically related to your work (or not developed for you exclusively) with other clients.
  • Unless I say otherwise in the quotation, I can use your work as an example in my portfolio.
  • Unless detailed otherwise in the quotation, estimated production and publication timelines are only estimates.
Domain names
  • You allow me to authorise an Agent to transfer, register, manage and renew your domain name(s).
  • You are the Registrant (owner) of the domain name (as long as you continue to pay the Registry fees).
  • You agree to the Terms & Conditions of the appropriate TLD Registry: United Kingdom Domain names are overseen by Nominet - www.nominet.org.uk, International Domain names are overseen by ICAAN - www.icann.org.
  • You allow me to authorise an Agent to host your content.
  • You may have access to your hosted content (as long as you continue to pay the hosting fees).
  • Where work is quoted at a fixed price, I reserve the right to change the final price if services procured by Flexi Web Solutions vary.
  • Where a price has been estimated on a quote, the final price may vary.
  • Payment is by cheque or bank transfer.
  • You agree to pay me any deposit detailed in the quotation before I commence work.
  • You agree to pay me any progress payments at the times detailed in the quotation.
  • Payment is due within 30 days of invoice unless otherwise specified in the quote.
  • I reserve the right to charge interest on late payments.
  • Any legal costs incurred whilst pursuing a debt will be chargeable to the debtor.
  • Work will be delivered to the client on completion of a project.
  • Work will be delivered by uploading it to the client's server or web host.
Seller's liability for products
  • The client has 30 days in which to identify any errors or omission in my work which I will correct, after which time the client accepts the work as being free from error.
  • I guarantee to repair any defects within 30 days of the work being supplied to the customer, after which time the client accepts the work as being free from error.
  • You may cancel any ongoing services I am providing at any time.
  • You may ask for your WebMail, User Control Panel and FTP passwords at any time.
  • If you cancel a service, you must pay me to the end of any agreed invoicing term e.g., weekly, monthly or annually.
  • I may cancel any service without further notice if your account is not paid on time; you have breached these Terms of Trade; acted unlawfully or breached any other operational rules.
  • I may delete all of your data at the time that you cancel your services with me.
Delay by the seller
  • I am not liable for any delay due to late delivery by the client or by other suppliers.
  • You own and have full copyright of the content that you create (the words and images on your pages), the website template and design (the HTML and CSS).
  • If anything to do with your website causes problems to other people, you are responsible for this and cannot claim against me.
  • I will do my best to give you what I promise when I promise, but if I can't or don't, you cannot claim any lost income or any lost opportunity from me.
  • I keep a back up of your website, but you must always have a recent backup too.
  • In any other situation, you cannot claim from me more than you have paid me.
Other matters
  • You authorise me to collect and keep personal information about you, and I will abide by the Privacy Act and the Data Protection Act.
  • We may use email to communicate with each other about business matters.
  • As long as I undertake good business practice, you cannot claim any loss against me for things that are out of my control - things like an act of God, disaster, power or computer failure, hacker or DDOS attacks and so on.